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This is the opening for Andien’s Metamorfosa Concert. Andien is one of Indonesia’s leading female singer.

I add considerable amount of delay and feeback to this Javanese themed opening, and placed the string sections back behind the lead vocals.


The Social

Hadirmu is a song that i really like from the get go. I could visualize the end result when i receive the raw file from Rafael. I hope you guys enjoy the end result as much as i do!

Bagus Bhaskara

His first single, Sadarku, recorded at a very decent studio, and some of the string players are not playing on pitch on certain parts.

I have to do lots of editing on certain instruments and I added some samples to give additional bottom and attack to the drums; its a good song nonetheless and i am very glad that the song has received the much needed boost.

Yasmine – Fahri Reveal

Brunei Darussalam’s very first feature film.

This is the scene where Fahri reveals to his daughter, Yasmine, that he was actually very good in martial arts.

I start the score with very low level and pump it up when the percussions kicked in to create the majestic feel.

Mari Lari

Mari Lari is Let’s Run in Indonesian, which sums up what the film is all about.

I replaced the kick drum in this score because it is too hollow and lacking bottom end, the new kick sound adds a touch of modernity and tilt the overall feel of the score towards the better.


Malaysian Horror Comedy Movie.

This is where Primadona (the character) is doing some horror ritual by burning incense and eating flowers (yucks).

Guitar Declicker

Lots of nasty pick noises against the acoustic guitar body.

I got rid of them suckers!

This guitar track is from TigaPagi

Drum Editing

Drum Trigger (Steven Slate) to replace the loose drum sounds & Beat Detective to tighten up them groove

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